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Foreign trade salesman Changsha MORE
Department:Business department
Nature of work:full-time
Salary range:Face to face discussion
Release time:2022-03-05
Job description:

1. Be responsible for international market external contact business, promote the company to foreign merchants, develop the market, and deal with guest inquiries and various needs in time.

2. Follow up the whole process of foreign trade orders in the internal planning, production, packaging, transportation and other processes of the enterprise.

3. Promote the company's products through the company's platform, B to B professional platform, domestic and foreign exhibitions and other channels.

4. Responsible for information collection and sorting, including market information, customer information, partner information, etc.

5. Pay attention to collecting front-line market information and user opinions, feed back to the company, and provide reference for the company's market development, after-sales service, product quality, new product development, etc.

6. Complete other work assigned by the company.

7. The company has good development space and promotion space for employees. It participates in several domestic and foreign exhibitions every year. The establishment of the Japanese branch develops business from an international perspective. The winners of ability can participate in operation and overseas work opportunities.


1. English, international trade and economics, chemistry related majors.

3. Be good at communication, down-to-earth and diligent, have a positive and optimistic attitude, and have the spirit of fighting Bo.

3. Foreign trade experience is preferred.

4. CET-4 or above.


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