Release date:2019-08-23 01:10

From 08.19 to 08.21, 2019, Manager Ye of our company attended the Pharmacy Teaching Integration Summit forum organized by Lanzhou University, which aims to help the development of China's pharmaceutical industry.

Under the Initiative of China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR), Healthy China, and national strategic plan for the construction of "Double First-class" University of Lanzhou University, this BBS, which shall focus on the subject of “Integration of Industry and Education, Seek Common Development”, analyzed and discussed how to stimulate the innovation vitality of China's pharmaceutical industry, enhanced the core competitiveness of this industry and sustainable development capaity, explored a new model of application-oriented personnel training and other main contents, and actively explored the new methods and new ways for the integration of universities and pharmaceutical industry to advance regional economic and social development.

During the meeting, Manager Ye communicated deeply with professors and many peers. They exchanged opinions, and humbly asked peers for advice on pharmaceutical innovation and development. Wewere benefited a lot from this BBS.

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